IRC operates at Empuriabrava and Bedford Bodyflight.


Tunnel coaching

The best place to perfect your flying skills is at a wind tunnel.

The tunnel is a relatively safe environment where skills are practiced often and learnt quickly and effectively.

IRC takes you step by step from the basics needed for your first flight right up to preparing you for international competition.

ES Tunnel camps @ Windoor


These camps all have flight times in the afternoon/evening, allowing you to enjoy the real air, sun, sea or mountains during the day.

For more information and booking please contact:

For UK Tunnelcamps:

Please go to the UK Tunnel camp site...

Cost at Bedford: £750 inc. time and coaching.

Tunnel camp information; or what you can expect when you come to one of our camps.

The objective of IRC is to find out what is your current ability and then design a  program to take you to the next level. We will also work with you to create a program to prepare you for specific objectives.

IRC will ensure that you have an understanding of the basic skills needed to fly smoothly and safely.

- First we start with your body position, finding a position that works well for your physiology, ability and objectives.

- Then we focus on efficient and effective movement through all axis: Up, down, forward, back, sideways and rotational.

- The next step will depend upon your objectives....!

Check out ‘archived articles’ for more info about tunnel flying.

4 Way Team coaching.

After your basic skills are in place, we can commence with the fundamentals of 4 way, starting out with the randoms and random blocks. Next we take your team through all the blocks, examining each block in detail, giving you the information you need to see intermediate pictures to make the block close smoothly and predictably each time.

At the Bedford tunnel we can comfortably drill each block and fly it comfortably ‘no contact’ and then with grips.

The tunnel is used by teams/individuals of all levels and abilities, from world champions to first time flyers.

IRC has trained national teams from Italy, UK, Germany, Norway, Switzerland, Cyprus, Denmark and NZ.